instax mini Link 2 SE

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One up your Nintendo SwitchTM in-game memories with the INSTAX mini Link 2 Special Edition smartphone printer and characterful app.

Please note: Film is available separately and is not included with this printer.

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One up your Nintendo SwitchTM in-game memories with the INSTAX mini Link 2 Special Edition smartphone printer.

From printing your latest iconic online battles surrounded by a themed frame, to capturing your friends’ customised characters, your gaming world has suddenly gained a bonus level.

Simply download the Link for Nintendo SwitchTM app and let the action commence. Start by customising your app layout and apply a theme-tastic vibe – will you be having a Splatoon 3TM fest, finding new horizons with Animal CrossingTM, snapping up Pokémon SnapTM or powering up with Super MarioTM?

Then get ready to explore. By connecting your smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth to the mini Link 2 SE, you can enter the virtual world of INSTAXAiR – the all-new AR drawing mode. Add hearts, trophies or even Splatoon 3TM splats to your shots by drawing in mid-air while holding down the printer function button. Your smartphone will pick up all your moves ready to be copied onto your image.

Or record a secret video of yourself drawing a message, before capturing it as a QR code. Think of it as a printable ‘Easter Egg’.

But that’s not all. The mini Link 2 SE may be small but it’s fully loaded with features that all Nintendo SwitchTM gamers will want to fire up and play.

Take the Match Test for example. Answer a few questions with your friends IRL, and print the results on a screenshot of your favourite online Squad. Alternatively, scroll through your favourite videos, discover a new print-worthy ‘gem’ and release it as a still. You can also doodle flames, stars and even little squid characters to create a unique frame, before taking your best shot – go on, it’s fun!

Finally, you can control your smartphone camera with the mini Link 2 SE. Zoom in and out by tilting the printer, and take snaps with the power button. Even turn it upside down to reprint your favourites. Could this be the game-changing INSTAX you’ve been waiting for?


  • USB Cable (for charging)
  • Instruction manual