Refurbished GFX Cameras

Fujifilm Refurbished Camera BoxFujifilm Refurbished Camera Box

Experience the brilliance of the FUJIFILM GFX System with one of our refurbished camera models. This is your chance to experiment with our innovative sensor technology and achieve incredible image quality, all while paying a lower price. What’s more, our refurbished equipment isn’t operationally impaired. This means you can enjoy all the performance of your refurbished GFX without compromise.  
Perhaps you’re a photography enthusiast who wants to shoot at a professional level but isn’t ready to invest in a full-price camera. Maybe you’re a professional who wants to expand your set-up but hasn’t used the GFX System before. Our range of refurbished FUJIFILM GFX cameras – some ‘body only’ and others sold with an accompanying GFX lens – means you’re bound to find an option to enhance your experience.

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