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instax WIDE 'Black Frame' Film (10 Shots)

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instax WIDE instant color film that is compatible for use with instax WIDE cameras and Link WIDE Printer. 

The easy-load cartridge that slots into the instax WIDE Format cameras and Link WIDE Printer, delivers superb quality instant images in a new 'landscape' (oblong) format that's a refreshing change from the square picture shape long associated with instants.

SHARP GRAIN High-speed ISO 800 film.

VIBRANT COLOUR REPRODUCTION With excellent colour reproduction, skin tones will be neutral, with no colour mixing between film layers, as well as a glossy finish.

FASTER IMAGE FORMATION With an enhanced developing process, image development is rapid.

LONG-TERM STABILITY Resulting from improved emulsion, development accelerators and development control technology, your images will be colour-true for years.


FILM SIZE 108x86mm
NUMBER OF PRINTS 10 per pack