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instax SQUARE SQ40

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Spark creativity and capture the true you with the INSTAX SQUARE SQ40 — an easy-to-use instant camera with the high-quality appeal of a professional setup.

Please note: Film is available separately and is not included with this camera.

Capture the true you


Sleek, sophisticated, and oh-so-easy to use, the INSTAX SQUARE SQ40 is all you need to capture and print memories — instantly. Simply twist the lens and get ready to embrace spontaneity, document special occasions, and never miss a moment. One more twist and you’ve got the ultimate selfie mode. Put yourself in the spotlight, whether you’re snapping a solo holiday selfie or celebrating with friends. The perfectly positioned selfie mirror means you can simply hop in the frame and let this clever instant print camera do the rest.

And don’t worry about finding the perfect lighting. The Fujifilm INSTAX SQUARE SQ40 features powerful automatic exposure so you can seize the moment, day or night. From brightness to shutter speed, it does it all for you.

Enjoy the timeless aesthetic of analogue photography, with stunning square prints. Bold and beautiful, our square prints are designed to enhance the unique flair of your photography for tangible mementoes to treasure. But don’t worry, you can get the best of both worlds and share your INSTAX pics digitally, too. Power up the INSTAX UP! app and scan your physical prints. After fine-tuning, your snaps, tag, save, and share to your heart’s content. Both retro and modern — how about that?

As for the INSTAX SQUARE SQ40 itself, expect a chic, compact device that’s ready for anything. A black, textured finish ensures this instant camera looks as good as it shoots. Ready for all your creative endeavours, the INSTAX SQUARE SQ40 is the versatile instant print camera you need at all times.


●        Sophisticated square design with a textured black finish

●        Easy to use — simply twist lens to turn on and off

●        Twist to activate Selfie mode and make the most of the perfectly positioned selfie mirror

●        Automatic exposure for great instant camera prints, no matter the lighting

●        Elegant and timeless square prints

●        Compatible with the INSTAX UP! app


Scan. Collect. Share

Just when you thought INSTAX couldn’t get any more captivating, we give you the power of the INSTAXUP! app. A shiny new way to keep all your INSTAX photos digitally in one place. Simply scan your physical prints with your phone to turn them into sharable, digital snaps that you can fine-tune, tag and save

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